M-Audio Connectivity Issues?

I just got the trial version downloaded. I really have been waiting forever to get a MIDI setup going and this seems like the ticket so I am anxious to buy it. But, I can’t seem to get any kind of signal in the program. I am using a M-Audio fast track interface that is hooked up and working because the dry signal is coming through the speakers. Input/gain levels are at 12 o’clock. In the “Audio Interface” part of the rack I am unable to select anything/nor is any device showing up. Under “latency” a yellow exclamation mark reads “use a buffersize of 2.9 or 5.8ms (128 or 256 samples at 44.1 or 48 Khz.)” but selecting any of these still produces no signal in the program.

I also use an M Audio Fastrack Pro interface. I had to download a driver for this Interface. It shows up in the Audio Interface section. The M audio site suggested that the Fastrack was no longer supported by updates, but the latest version on the list does work. The Interface will allow you to hear the dry signal when the mix control is set anticlockwise , with the processed signal being monitored if set clockwise. Any position in between will give you a mix of both. I only use a USB cable between the Fast Track and computer for signals in and out. I feed the L&R audio outputs from the Interface into my monitor amp and speakers. If you are still unable to get this to work, let me know and I will try to assist further.

I forgot to say that My problem was with Win 10. The version of the driver that works for me is 6.1.11, available for download from Avid site. I also use the Fasttrack with a Macbook Pro, which may need a different version. They both work perfectly on both computers . Midi Guitar and Midi Bass are amazing programs, especially when used with Garage Band with its huge variety of synths and sounds etc. It does take a bit of time and patience to get things set up properly, but the learning experience is real fun.

Thanks for this - I will circle back after I am able to try downloading the M Audio driver later tonight. I am really excited to get it up and going!

I can’t seem to find the 6.1.11 driver on their downloads section. Would you mind linking me to the area where you found it if you could?

I just googled for it by typing in M Audio Fastrack pro driver 6.1.11. this takes you to a knowledge base page, showing the fastrack. If you scroll down the drivers you will get to the Windows release section. It is the first one on the list in thatb section .which is the last one they issued I think. Hope you are sucessful this time .

Hi again Daltonvich. I am curious. Did you succeed in finding the driver for your fasttrack?

Well, got the driver installed and now MG recognizes that the FastTrack is there but still am unable to get any kind of sound going on here :frowning:

Ah, got it. Input 2 is the guitar input on the device. Now it works but…

I bought the license, downloaded 2.2.1 update & installed it and I can’t find where on the computer it placed the .exe file to open! I can still only open my trial version :sob:

I use a Win 10 laptop, I click on the Windows button at the bottom left, then scroll down to Jam Origin folder and my programs midiguitar2 and midibass shortcuts are listed. I am not certain where the license file is stored, but that could be a download or email if I remember correctly. I copied and stored it in Notes.