M-Audio USB Midisport 2x2 Midiman Midi Interface IT's ALIVE again on macOS

I’m not sure about Windows OS but on the Apple side of things the above mentioned device (slimy Green) became a casualty of Apple’s OS upgrade and M-Audio reluctance to further support it at least 4 years ago. I had a machine that it still worked with so no big deal. I assumed that M-Audio thought it was not worth supporting going forward. Towards the end of 2022 I did my due diligence and checked to see if M-Audio released an update and they did NOT! I did find a link to an freelance programmer who worked for M-Audio when the interface was being released at least 20 years ago. He took it upon himself to update the drivers and was offering the update to anyone for no cost. He seemed legit so I installed the .pkg file and BOOM - it’s alive - it’s alive once again.

If there are any users on this Forum who own a midisport 2x2 and assumed like I that it was done let me know and I’d be happy to post the updated driver package. I’m running it on a macBook Air M-1 FYI.
Makes one wonder about other casualties of OS upgrades. Anyone have any Yamaha mLan devices?