[Mainstage] Help with outside controller, sending note, leaking into Midi Guit channel

Hi! Please help if possible:

Programmed an FCB1010 (midi controller) to send note C1 on channel 3, into an external audio interface’s midi, and into Keyboard X on Mainstage (my interface name, not Keyboard 1), but it leaks onto the channel that has the Instrument using Keyboard 1 (Midi Guit’s Keyboard 1 output)

When I play the guitar only, my Midi Guit + channel are working great, but when I press the note on the controller it plays BOTH the note and channel I want, AND the channel working with Guitar Midi.

On each instrument channel I selected the right MIDI Input > Keyboard (Keyboard 1 for Midi Guit; Keyboard X for my controller)

On the midi in display in Mainstage I See channel 3 - C1 when I hit the controller , and channel 1 + note when i play the guitar.

Please help me isolate the Mainstage channels with a Solution for when pressing the Controller, to only hear the controller sound (without the Midi Guit sound)

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Mainstage is very, very, very complicated with this sort of thing: it follows the dogma: just listen to everything coming in… Unless you do a considerable amount of settting up.

The graphical Keyboard you see in the mainstage GUI is assignable to a midi input… instruments inside Mainstage can then be assigned to this Keyboard.
So you have to add a Keyboard there, assign it to your FCB1010 midi, and use this Keyboard as input wherever you want your footcontroller to trigger a note.

Loading MG in Mainstge will automatically assign its midi output into a default Keyboard ( which does not need to be visible on screen ). There is no way to attach MG to its own Keyboard safely, because the virtual midi’s name is not stable and relies on order of loading and other horrible stuff.

So creating an extra Keyboard gui element for your FCB1010 might be the only solution.
But then I dont know if the FCB1010’s midi can be kept away from the default Keyboard’s input… You’ll have to test that, it really is complicated and you might even crash Mainstage a few times, because of infinte midiloops.

In our quickstart of Mainstage we therefore have avoided anything complicated, just using the automatic Keyboard object, and loading MG on patch level.

In livehosts like Gigperformer you can wire the midi output from the MG vst to the synth you want, and have the external midi wired to exactly where it has to go.
But AU’s dont support this midi routing, so the midi output of the MG au re-enters Mainstage at the top level as a virtual midi port…

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Hey Paul, thanks!

This is what i did to create keyboard X on Mainstage, created a visual GUI Keyboard attached and assigned to the Controller, but keeps playing MG’s channel also.

"FCB1010’s midi can be kept away from the default Keyboard’s input" this is what i’m looking for and what i tried doing with simple MIDI channel changing (Controller on 3 an MG seen on 1 on the midi monitor

Any additional ideas highly appreciatted! Thanks again!