MainStage Midi Instrument not created

Mainstage 3.6.6
Sonoma 14.3.1/MacBookPro M2
MG 3.0.40

I can see that the MG3 plugin is receiving guitar audio signal and responding. However, it does not advertise an assignable midi instrument and therefore no assignable midi device or messages produced and routable to any instrument channel strips.

The mini MG3 plugin mode produces a midiOut . I realized that I have to actually use a midi output module to produce a midi out on new patches.

I think this may not be a problem anymore. I will be testing more.

On another puzzle is the standalone version only allows a stereo input (1, 2) selection on my motu micro express II. I need to find a way to switch the input to mono.

Yes, you need a MIDI OUTPUT in a chain as you discovered. MainStage and Logic will automatically listen to any MIDI device, so nothing else is needed.

Ah, how could I have missed that stereo input! This explains why some have had problems with interfaces. Thank you for reporting. Will be solved in 3.0.41.

3.0.41 solved the mono inputs in standalone.

With the MainStage plug-in I see too much variation in the ‘Midi Guitar Out’ offering evrytime the concert is opened. This requires a reassignment of the Midi Input (set in the Layout) to the device set to the Midi Guitar. The inactive midi inputs don’t get removed (probably a MainStage problem) in the concert.

I’m attaching the screen shot.

MainStage also seems to go into periodic ‘Audio System Overload’. This requires a Mac restart since it looks like the Audio System crashes.