MainStage Multiple Instance Names

Hi All, I’m having trouble using MG2 with MainStage as a plugin. The plugin itself works fine but my issue is I also use other MIDI controllers and therefore have to map the MIDI Guitar Instance to a Keyboard and then assign that keyboard to the channel strip. However every time I load MainStage the instances change and I have to remap every instance to a keyboard. Is there anyway to get it to either load just one instance or have the channel strip load the same instance every time? I currently have to launch the plugin check the interface it is sending to and assign it to the correct keyboard in the layout. Also having to create a keyboard for every patch that uses MG2 seems unsustainable.

Thank you for any help or advice.



Hi Alan,
there is no way to avoid the # numbers in the instance names. I made a quickstart for Mainstage years ago, and my advice was to give up on that, and load MG on preset level, and use Mainstage’s auto assign feature:
It is shown here