Make your guitar sound like a real saxophone with MIDI Guitar 2 & Acousticsamples Vhorns

In this video, I use MIDI Guitar 2 to play and compare saxophones from Acousticsamples Vhorns and Audiomodelings SWAM saxophones.


You should chech Soundpaint 1999 SOPRANO SAX MOONLIGHT, one of the first utilising their new HAL legato.

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Thanks @jekora and welcome here.
I am on it! It really hasn’t been out for that long. Got the Tenor and the Flute, and was awaiting the arrival of the Soprano. Did you have a chance to try it out yourself? It sounds great (in some parts) but I have yet to find if it is REALLY good for any other type of controller than a keyboard. Using (raising) the legato setting in the HAL setup makes for a kind sluggish feel playability wise. But I will probably delve a bit deeper into the matter in a short while. The Soundpaint stuff isn’t going anywhere, and there are no BF discounts to take into consideration either. I meant to do a thing on Soundpaint already on the release of its first iteration, but it just wasn’t good enough at the time (for me personally to feature). I do have higher hopes for this 2.0 version though. :grinning::+1:

No, haven’t tried yet, waiting for your review first :wink:

Hey @jekora
Sorry to tell you, but there will be no review of Soundpaint from me. I decided pretty early on that I didn’t want to be part of s bashing culture seeking to step on or put down any particular developers. And a video on Soundpaint from a MIDI guitarist (performer) perspective wasn’t even doable with less than a beheading of that product, so…sorry man. I really would have wanted HAL to be a great player for MG2. Troels demos sound so good. But I have had a lot of playability issues with practically all my 8Dio libraries from way back, so I am not surprised. More like disappointed. In short, if you care for my opinion at all, it is not a good environment for anything else than a keyboard controller at this point. I hope they expand to some sort of interest in breathcontroller eventually. That would probably make a world of difference to us. But until then…:man_shrugging: