Make your guitar sound like a real saxophone with MIDI Guitar 2 & Acousticsamples Vhorns

In this video, I use MIDI Guitar 2 to play and compare saxophones from Acousticsamples Vhorns and Audiomodelings SWAM saxophones.


You should chech Soundpaint 1999 SOPRANO SAX MOONLIGHT, one of the first utilising their new HAL legato.

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Thanks @jekora and welcome here.
I am on it! It really hasn’t been out for that long. Got the Tenor and the Flute, and was awaiting the arrival of the Soprano. Did you have a chance to try it out yourself? It sounds great (in some parts) but I have yet to find if it is REALLY good for any other type of controller than a keyboard. Using (raising) the legato setting in the HAL setup makes for a kind sluggish feel playability wise. But I will probably delve a bit deeper into the matter in a short while. The Soundpaint stuff isn’t going anywhere, and there are no BF discounts to take into consideration either. I meant to do a thing on Soundpaint already on the release of its first iteration, but it just wasn’t good enough at the time (for me personally to feature). I do have higher hopes for this 2.0 version though. :grinning::+1:

No, haven’t tried yet, waiting for your review first :wink:

Hey @jekora
Sorry to tell you, but there will be no review of Soundpaint from me. I decided pretty early on that I didn’t want to be part of s bashing culture seeking to step on or put down any particular developers. And a video on Soundpaint from a MIDI guitarist (performer) perspective wasn’t even doable with less than a beheading of that product, so…sorry man. I really would have wanted HAL to be a great player for MG2. Troels demos sound so good. But I have had a lot of playability issues with practically all my 8Dio libraries from way back, so I am not surprised. More like disappointed. In short, if you care for my opinion at all, it is not a good environment for anything else than a keyboard controller at this point. I hope they expand to some sort of interest in breathcontroller eventually. That would probably make a world of difference to us. But until then…:man_shrugging:


HI Thorleif,
I noticed in the online demo from Soundpaint that the legato binding time was very long, and that alone makes it no competitor for SWAM, so I second you in that opinion.
I used SWAM monophonic live loaded in MG on ipad, with my own app PD Space Guitar for the rest, and that worked like a charm. The lyrical character of the SWAM saxophones is so good that it sometimes got mistaken for me singing along…

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Hi Paul
I am glad to hear I am not alone in my assessment of this (Soundpaint/H.A.L) environment. It is unfortunately not only the long legato binding that is problematic though. That could actually work for those instances where you wouldn’t need a swift or nimble instrument following your every gesture. But there is stuff with the control over the (127) velocity layers, loading time (if you are using anything else than your main HD or the fastest setup SSD), and the plethora of articulations (?) makes it nearby impossible to navigate sensibly, I jumped on the Soundpaint train pretty early on, because of the great sounding videos they have, and my hope that these instruments would translate at least ok to MIDI guitar, and although there are some of their guitars that still bears some promise I find myself never using them because of how cumbersome the setup is, so it is quite obvious to me that these are curated directly towards the keybordplayers, trying to compensate for some of the problems they have with virtual instrument playing. If nothing else, the fact that we have the vibrato baked in to the (sample)d instruments themselves, accessible through MOD wheel action layers (CC1 control), should be something of a red flag here. There is more, but I think we agree already, so I really don’t need to go on. But it will be interesting to see if anyone can work past these cruxes, and actually make them work in a MIDI Guitar 2 setting. I am pretty sure it won’t be me though :relaxed:

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