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Manipulating MIDI at the input stage

Perhaps this already exists, but I am not able to find if there is a way to manipulate the incoming MIDI after the audio signal has been converted by the MIDI Guitar plugin.
Let me use Reaper as an example DAW here.
I created an FX chain where I load MIDI Guitar into the first slot and Komplete Kontrol into the second one. When i play the guitar, the signal gets routed through MIDI Guitar, then the MIDI output gets sent into Komplete Kontrol.
The problem is that on some of the software instrument the pitch range does not match that of the guitar. I would love to be able to transpose one octave up or down as needed or apply other MIDI transformation effects.
Can I do this with MIDI Guitar plugin?


Yes! If you look in the MIDI FX slots, you have all kinds of MIDI manipulating alternatives there, TRANSPOSER being one! :+1:

@vtsaran @LoFiLeiF
But if using the MG2 Midi Fx slot, you transpose all instruments.

In Reaper, the best alternative is to insert midi transpose plugins on separate tracks where you can transpose independently up or down the selected instruments.

If you are on Windows there is MidiTranspose which is free, very simple, light and does not consume any resources. It is included in this pack containing about 40 very useful utilities, old but working perfectly:


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Transpose is a pretty common feature for a DAW.
Doesn’t reaper have a transpose specific to a track?
I know it’s there in Studio One

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I just use transposer plugin due to habit on other apps.

Cakewalk definitely has a input transpose