Mapping patches in iOS

Hi, any official information on how to map patches on iOS on an external midi controller?

I did some tests with another midi controller (Quneo Keith McMillen) and found something intriguing. The changes command (cc #) does not affect patches, but … the (pc # j Changes Program does. Quneo has 16 configurable templates and the patches changed when I changed the template. And the pads only served to play a few notes. See the attached print of the change commands for each template.

That is explained in the reference section on this page:
scrolldown/search for [ MIDI PEDAL ]

So, as I understand it, patches can only be changed by Program Change. But my midi controller doesn’t send that kind of command. It seems that there is still no “learn” feature for assigning a cc # on iOS. How to settle for live use, then?

Patch changes are done with Program Changes, that is the standard to which our app complies. Ofcourse there are some apps that can do patch changes on other midi events, but we just kept it simple there.
The iOS MG version has limited CC support. (sustain and transpose functions).
You can however allways use the CC’s within a synth.

Understand. I had a Gr-55 Rolando and it was very practical to have the patches at a touch, mainly for live use. I will hope that you reflect on this concept and include this feature in the next updates. :+1:

I was able to create midi presets in BandHelper to change the GuitarMidi2 patches. The only problem is that GM2 is conflicting with other apps that already work with BandHelper (FunkDrummer, etc.) that are on the midi channel 5. Any ideas on how to isolate GM2? Thanks.

current MG listens to all midi channels on it’S “pedal” midi control port. Unless you create a separate midi port for MG, MG will react to PC’s meant for other apps.

I understand, the problem is that for some reason (which I am unaware of) GuitarMidi2 does not appear on the list to create an exclusive midi port in BandHelper.

I do not understand why you are not able to work on an exclusive midi channel, as it is, it will receive signals from all channels, making MidiGuitar unfeasible in simultaneous use with other apps. I was almost buying, but that way it becomes useless. Frustrating.

all those remote options were introduced with V2.5, and we didn’t want to overburden everything with options. In fact, user feedback over remote control options was minimal untill a few months ago. We ofcourse listen to the recommendations here.

I’m sure this is a feature that would take MidiGuitar to the next level, where everyone wins. If you change your mind, let me know. Thanks.