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Mauro (looking for help with MG2 + Abelton in Windows

ho scaricato la versione demo di guitar midi 2 ma non funziona in ableton come vst.vorrei asquistarlo ma voglio provare come compone le note

Hi and welcome Mauro! Many of us in here use MIDI Guitar 2 with Abelton every day, and I am pretty sure it works. So to help you out, please let us know 1) what system you are using (Mac/PC), and 2) how you tested this? Did you open the plugin on an AUDIO track, and your software synth on a MIDI track? In short, describe how you came to that conclusion, and I am sure you’ll get help here! :grinning: :+1:

non lo posso testare perche non appare nella lista vst di ableton…eppure il file dll l’ho copiato nella lista vst 32 bit…assieme a guitar rig 5…kontact complete…ecc…nei plug in di ableton li vedo tutti…non midi guitar 2 demo
manca forse il file dll 64 bit??

ahh scusa uso windows10

fammi sapere se devo fare qualcosa

Well, I am a Mac guy myself, so I will refrain with giving you any advice on a platform I don’t know enough about: But let’s wait for someone with Windows that uses Abelton. There must be someone here :thinking:

grazie…fammi sapere…se funziona come spero …lo compro subito

Don’t know if it helps, but I changed the title so people know what the question is about?

Did you see the ableton guide at MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin?