Maxforlive device for expression controller

Hey guys, if you have the TEControl breath controller, an expression pedal, or any knobs for effects, check out this free Maxforlive device called Mapul8tor!

You can change the curve of expression any way you like in very detailed ways, and map them to anything in ableton, even audio effects, or use as a cc control MIDI out!

You can layer up to 8 different expressions to just one knob or expression controller!

I have the TEControl breath controller and the software works good but i can’t switch these presets with a MIDI controller or automate them, but with mapulator I can!

I only have the breath control without the bite, tilt, or nod, but it’s still very valuable for me.

I’m planning on using my breath controller on a MIDI track of its own and sending it to different software/hardware synths. I set the TEControl software to a basic linear ramp, and I’ll have multiple Mapul8tor devices in that track, configured to different expression controls that i can map with MIDI to turn off and on with foot pedals.

So even though you can layer up to 8 different expression controls within one device, i can’t find a way to turn them on and off yet, so adding one manipulator for each expression will work better as long as it’s not CPU intensive.

If anyone knows another device that works in ableton 11 that does the same thing but only does one expression at a time, that might be more efficient for me, let me know, but so far this device is awesome!

@LoFiLeiF , if you don’t already know about this i figured you would get some serious use out of it!

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Thanks for mentioning this, Nick. I haven’t actually seen or used it. Just downloaded (as it is free and all :grinning:) I have been too busy with testing MG3 functions to even open Abelton for the longest time. But I am going to check this out, as soon as I can! Thanks again. :pray: