Maximize Your Midi Capabilities

The first post that I saw last week on my first visit to the site in years caught my eye as it was about midi foot controllers and specifically the Behringer FCB1010 which I own. Just recently I found a good used iRig BlueBoard so I’ve been using it more. I’m old and the FCB1010 is just too heavy…lol. The link below will direct you to demo where the FCB1010 is controlling an Ableton channel strip with all the related parameters (fader, pan and i/o) with the FCB1010. The video quality is just okay as I had to boot my ancient Dell Inspiron (17 years old) to access Flash as that’s were it was put together. When Flash Player was still available online the demo was live and controlled by the user. I do have some recent interfaces that use the smaller 4 button blueboard and are specific to MG2. I’ve included an image of the interface screen and the link to the related video.

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