MC2 on a Macbook, with Digital Performer

This will prolly apply to other DAWs as well.

I do a one man band with MIDI sequences, and have a complex setup, with Digital Performer, a bunch of plugs and MG2.

I did have MG2 as a plug in a V-Rack (don’t ask if you don’t use DP…) but it was kinda messy routing wise, and I was concerned about CPU plugin processing being balanced among the cores.

So I instead now run it in stand alone mode, have it auto start and hide in the background, and just use it as a MIDI source like a keyboard controller. In hindsight, this makes so much sense, why make your DAW work extra hard extracting MIDI from audio and routing it to wherever, when you can treat your guitar exactly like a keyboard controller. You get more control over you sound sources also, as they are hosted directly in your DAW, not in MG.

Anyway give it a try, you will be glad you did.