Meditation for 1 breath and 1 hand

SWAM Altosaxophone
JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar 2
PD Space Guitar Synthesizer
TEC Breathcontroller


Brilliant work. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

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Nice performance. What’s the purpose of the carton or plastic rectangle on your guitar’s neck?

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it is a fretwrap: I took a little board with soft stripes of foam glued on it. the foam does not connect the strings, it is a bit better than a normal sock or fretwrap.


you see that the strips to the right are cut, that way vibration for the invidual string is transported less to the other strings. theoretically, the board itself could be made a little more heavy to enforce this crosstalk damping.

So I guess it should help eliminate accidental notes generated by crosstalk between strings. Which side of the board is on the strings?

Some guitar stores sell a velcro version of this. It is intended mute the strings so that there are less or no false triggers.

you’ve got your fretwrap positioned on or below the nut, unlike many (often the strings beyond the nut are what get muted).

i assume this means you don’t find headstock string vibration to be an issue? (with either space guitar or mg2)

also it kinda looks like you’ve got a korg usb midi controller? and you’re triggering it with your right hand? what is it doing?

space guitar sounds great. i eagerly await the pc version.

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headstock string vibration is only an issue with very loud monitoring and very high gain.
I use fretwraps only for muting open strings when doing pure tapping stuff.
The korg nanopad 2 is connected to a drum sampler on my laptop.
PD Space Guitar is iOS only, no concrete plans for a windows version.