MG 2 for Garage Band

Hello, Garageband and Logic recognize MG 2 for GB as Midi input, but receive no signal. MG 2 for GB displays my guitar signal, but apparently no midi signal is being forwarded. I use the external midi output patch. Looks good until then. But where is the midi signal?

Second question: Is it possible to upgrade from MG 2 for GB to MIDI Guitar 2 for Windows and Mac? The full version.

In MIDI Guitar for Garageband, the midi forward is referenced to as “external midi output”.
The patch “external midi output” shows how to engage this output.

There is no link/upgrading/bundling possible between appstore and our full version from our fastspring store, mainly because of Apple making such things impossible.
We tried to make the price of the iOS version suitable enough for this situation.

Ok, now it works, although I have not changed anything.
Sometimes that’s how it is. Thank you, and I think I’ll treat myself to the full version for live. The prices are really ok.

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