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MG 2 for Windows

Just downloaded MG 2 on a laptop running Windows 7 and noticed the user interface was different from the iOS version which I had purchased. Am looking for the MIDI Output option but can’t seem to find it. Tried using a Line 6 UX 2 interface and also the Boss GT 100. What did I miss?

Click on the “Interface” tab top-left. The MIDI OUT drop-down selector is in that section. For the standalone version, you can select the output you want. If you load MG2 as a VST in a host, the MIDI OUT is sent to that host (no drop-down).

Thank you, I manged to select the audio interface (to which my guitar is plugged in) and can see it appear under Audio interace. (ASIO UX2) The same appears under the MIDI INTERFACE tab (Output option) but when I select Line it goes back to none. Will need to figure out.

Anyone here using MG2 with a Line 6 UX2 audio interface and CakeWalk Bandlab? My guitar is connected to the UX2 and to the laptop via USB. Have selected the MIDI output (as suggested) and can hear the guitar. It doesn’t seem to be passing the midi signal to any of the DAWs or BandLab. No matter what instrument I select, I can only hear the clean tone. Any pointers as to what I’m missing here? MG2 works perfectly fine on my iPad (both on GarageBand & BandLab) and I’m using an iRig. Just want to try and get this working on my laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium. Also Tried it on WaveForm & FL Studio but the 32bit VST doesn’t show up. Screenshot attached