MG 3.0.43 crashing when trying to load Steinbergs Groove Agent SE 5

MG3 is crashing when trying to load Groove Agent SE 5. I’m on MacBook Air M1 with Sonoma 14.4.1. Other Steinberg synths are loading fine.

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Thank you for reporting.

I added it to the list on the beta page.

Hi Roberto, may I ask what the purpose is to load a drum sampler into MG3? I’m always keen to learn things and get new ideas.

Out of curiosity I tried to load Groove Agent 5 SE into MG3. Im not on the M1 chip and still running Ventura. It’s also crashing MG3 here. The funny thing is that the full version “Groove Agent 5” can be loaded without any problem.

Hi, Dutti67,
I use MG as the main controller for my DAW. But I also use it in a live jam environment. I work with a good friend in his pro recording studio and we often spend hours jamming to warm up and also capture ideas for new tunes. I like to fire off some beats once in a while to make things more exciting, and also to play percussion instruments on the guitar. With a finger picking style and an appropriate drum map, playing percussion on the guitar is pretty awesome. Try it sometime, although your drummer friends will probably hate you. :rofl:


That’s weird. I wonder if it’s a permission issue? I assume the full version of Groove Agent has its own registered content, independent of the Cubase sound libraries.
The thing is that it works fine in MG2.

Hello Roberto,
Thanks for the explanations, that sounds interesting and I will look into it more detailed. I have already experimented playing the Kontakt percussion libraries “Middle East, East Asia and West Africa” from Native Instruments via MG2&3 and found it a kind of funny.
Your assumption regarding the two Groove Agent versions is correct.