MG completely stopped workin after many updates form the Tascaml interface in Windoes 10

I’m not sure what happened. My studio in a different room still works fine with many devices.
The Tascam 2x2 seems to do some audio but not all and certainly NOT Mg outputs using the MG stand alone.

I am bewildered.
I should call Skype since someone told me to put that on the laptop even that I did not want it.
I keep deleting it and it is still there.
Is that a problem with MG or the USB Tascam Audio interface?
I am extremely upset.
Please let me know what I can do.
-Garry Nichol

the first thing to do is to open the interface section in MG:
-in “DEVICE” your ASIO driver should be selected.
-click on “DRIVER” to setup the correct in and output channels for the device.

Did this work, Garry?

I had to install the new version of the Tascam interface driver. Then MG wasa able to recocgnize it.
I don’t know why the driver developed a problem to start with since it had always worked fine.
Maybe an OS update mixed things up.