MG with Mainstage

I’m trying to use mainstage instruments with MG2 as a plug-in in the channel strips. The problem I keep having while following the video instructions is a missing keyboard in the list of inputs for the software instrument in Mainstage. First I create an audio channel strip with dry guitar and load MG2 in the channel strip. Then I create a software instrument channel strip but the input “keyboard” which is supposed to be automatically created is not in the list of options. How do I get this to appear? I have gotten it working before with a new concert however when I try to add this to an existing concert I’ve been working on, it won’t show up. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but currently when I try it’ll have several keyboards listed starting with number 2 on up to 7 and it’ll say “missing” next to each one. I only hope this isn’t one of those obvious problems that’s gonna make me look like an idiot. Definitely more of a mainstage problem. I think Lol help:)

Ill try the latest Mainstage and get the documentation up-to-date possibly tomorrow… sorry for the wait.

Did you look at videos like this one?
Paul Driessen
If still not working, that could be a problem with mainstage configuration…