MG with Meloaudio Midi Commander

Hi all. I am trying to get MG working with the Midi Commander foot controller. I want to use the controller only to change presets in MG.
The device is recognized in MG as TSMIDI2.0 in the interface section. Buttons A-D on Midi Commander are configured to send a PC message. However, using these buttons do not change the preset in MG. I have tested with channel in MG set to ANY/OMNI and to 1 (the channel Midi Commander is set to). The Midi Commander controller does work with Guitar Rig 5 as expected, so it does send PC messages.
Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

@ilGiobbe Hello, welcome in this forum.

I do not know Midi Commander but, as it is a midi controller, it should work fine with MG2.

Did you check if MG2 receives midi messages from Midi Commander?
If not, go in the instrument panel, click in “Tool” and select Midi Monitor. Press different switches on Midi Commander and midi messages should be displayed in the midi monitor window.

MG2 patches react to increase/decrease program change numbers: one button should display increasing number for each press, another should display decreasing number for each press.

Did you try to switch to different HOST modes in Midi Commander in order to check if some work with MG2?

Maybe this will help you.

Hi Herold,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have a separate monitor that does see the midi commands. However, Midi Monitor in MG does not see any commands. The device is recognized in MG, I have tested with both channel 2 (the channel Midi Commander is now set to) and Any/Omni.
I have also tested all available Host modes as suggested.


Here is the problem: MG2 should receive midi messages from Midi Commander. If not, it means that MG2 can “see” TSMIDI but do not recognize it.

Some other people have the same issue in different applications. Have a look at these 2 below.
In the second link, the solution was to update hardware driver.
Try searching for similar situations, maybe you will find a solution.

MIDI commander for ToneLib Jam

MeloAudio Midi Commander with GR6

Did you have a look at MeloAudio FAQ? It seems that many people experience this problem too.

Frequent Questions for MIDI Commander

Hi Herold. The second link was my post on the NI forum :slight_smile: Unfortunately that solution did not work for MG. Other forums and FAQs have yielded no result. I am going to try an audio interface with Midi In, to see if that solves the problem. It looks like one way or the other there is an issue in the USB drivers or devices.

Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, hopefully I can get he issue solved.

Please post the solution when it will work so other users can avoid the problem.
In example, yesterday I received another report that the footswitch was not working if it was started in charger mode.
It is also good to know.

Will do. I expect my new interface to arrive this Saturday.

I got it fixed now :slight_smile:

First of all I uninstalled the Focusrite USB audio driver. After a reboot I installed the drivers for my new audio interface, Presonus Studio 24C. Connected the Midi Commander (on batteries, no USB used whatsoever) through Midi Out to the audio interface. Attached pedal (Yamaha FC-7) to the Midi Commander.
MG now correctly records both CC and PC messages, from both the Midi Commander and the pedal. Looks like the USB driver for the Midi Commander might be problematic.

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Good to know for other users and great for you ! Enjoy MG2 with free hands and learn tap dance on your controllers :grinning: