MG2, ableton and my new breath controller (setup problem)

hello people,

i guess this has been discussed a thousand times in one form or another, but i couldnt find any answers to my specific problem. hopefully someone can tell me what i’m doing wrong!

i’ve set up ableton with two tracks, an audio track that has in instance of MG2 on it, and a midi track that has the SWAM trumpet. The audio tracks monitoring is set to “in”. Now my problem is this: when i set the midi input of the midi track to “MIDI from Audio track 3” (the track where MG2 sits), everything works fine and i can play and hear everything. But this way, the MIDI track cannot receive the CC value changes from my breath controller, because it only receives MIDI data from the the MG2 track.
when i set the MIDI input to “all inputs”, the midi signal from MG2 does not come through to the SWAM vst and i cannot play/hear anything. when I set the Input to Breath controller, i can assign parameters to the controller and everything works fine, but of course i can’t play any notes.

i can’t find whats wrong with my setup, shouldnt the SWAM track actually recognize the midi data from MG2 when the MIDI input is set to all inputs?

thank you for helping me out!
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Hi Raol!
I use “MIDI form all inputs” in that exact case just to allow for both breathcontroller data and MIDI Guitar messages to both be accounted for by the SWAM instruments. Lets start with two questions, Mac or PC, and what does your preferences window say? Do you have everything checked?

hey there,
thanks for the quick reply!
i’m using a windows computer. here is a screenshot of my preferences window:

edit: i can see that MG2 is listed under your MIDI ports in ableton, while mine isnt… can i add new midi ports manually or something like that maybe?

As it has been explained to me: “On windows there is no virtual midi built in, so to get the virtual midi device in the selector, they need to install loopMidi or loopBe1 (both freeware). Then in those “drivers” they can create a virtual midi device which can be selected in MG and in the DAW”.
This would be in relation to using MIDI Guitar 2 in standalone mode outside of your DAW, and getting it to show up in the prefs window. Try that first if you haven’t done it yet!

that worked. i am running mg2 as standalone now with a midi loopback to ableton.
thanks a lot!

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Awesome! Does it work for running the plugin too?

i haven’t found out yet how to rout the midi output of MG2 to the loopback port when its not used in standalone mode, but thats no big deal for me, it works just fine with the standalone version running in the background.

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