MG2 and GigPerformer 4

Are there any best practices of how to setup MG2 in GigPerformer 4? (Windows)
I’m new to GigPerformer, so I don’t have a clue. :wink:

@Bobby the best practices are the ones that suit you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This will depend on how you use MG and GP: for example some prefer to put MG in the global rackspace with widgets in the rackspaces to manage MG settings, others (like me) prefer to install it systematically in each rackspace to manage settings directly in MG.

No recipe, it’s up to each one to find the way that suits him the best, as well as for all the cases of figure: for example I sometimes use the Midi Machine FX to manage the transposition, the sustain, the split of the ranges of notes addressed towards different instruments on different midi channels, sometimes I use external plugins or GP scripts.

It’s with use that you’ll find your marks and your best approach.

But if you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

On the other hand you can also look for information in the Gig Performer forum by typing Midi Guitar in the search field, you will find interesting things like for example:

Overcoming the low end range restriction of MIDI Guitar 2 with GP

MG2 - MIDI Guitar (win10)


Hi - Mac user here, but my experience is that MG2 works best for me with GP if it is run standalone, outside of GP. Enable the Virtual MIDI Output in MG2, and then its MIDI output shows up in GP and can be used in any rackspace, global or local. I don’t use MG2’s audio out at all, but that would also (I assume) show up as an audio source in GP if you wanted to use it.

This may change with MG3 though, depending on what some of the new capabilities and sounds are…