MG2 and iOS third parties Sound module apps

Hi everybody,
Is there a reason or an explanation on the fact that some apps as the Korg Sound Module PRO or the IKM Sampletank2 are not recognized as directly external synth in MIDIGUITAR 2.5?
Of course, it’s still possible to control them via the “external synth option” but that means going out the MG2 app. On stage it’s binding…
In the opposite IK Syntronik is fully recognized.

loadable inside MG are only AUv3 plugins: if the external app comes with the AUv3, it is loadable in our app.

OK Paul thanks for your reply.

Is there any list of AUV3 apps?

The AudioBus 3 guys keep a list on their site and facebook feed.

Ok Tanks I got it

Addictive Pro (VirSyn) •iPad only
Baervaag - FM Synthesizer (Klevgränd produkter AB) •universal
BASSalicious (MIDIculous LLC) •iPad only
BeatHawk (UVItouch) •universal
Colossus Piano (Christian Shoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte) •universal
CMP Grand Piano (Christian Shoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte) •universal
Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer (Aleksander Mlazev) •universal
Enkl monophonic synth (Klevgränd produkter AB) •iPad only
FM Essentials (Yamaha) •universal
Heavy Brass (Crudebyte) •iPad only
Hyperion Synthesizer (Aleksander Mlazev) •universal
iCathedral Organ (Christian Shoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte) •iPad only
iDensity (apeSoft) •universal
iSEM (Arturia) •iPad only
iSymphonic Orchestra (Christian Shoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte)•universal
iVCS3 (apeSoft) •universal
Jubal Flute (Embertone) •universal
Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer (Klevgränd produkter AB) •universal
KQ MiniSynth (Ryouta Kira) •universal
Laplace Resonator Synthesizer (iceWorks, Inc.) •universal
Lorentz Synthesizer (iceWorks, Inc.) •universal
Mersenne Synthesizer (iceWorks, Inc.) •universal
mood (apeSoft) •universal
NFM Synthesizer (Nikolozi Pty Ltd) •iPad only
NS1 (Nikolozi Pty Ltd) •iPad only
Oriental Strings (Christian Shoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte) •universal
Pads - Lush Pad Synth (Klevgränd produkter AB) •universal
Phasemaker (Bram Bos) •universal
Phonem (Wolfgang Palm PPG) •iPad only
Phosphor 2 (Audio Damage, Inc.) •iPad only
Plectrum (Luis Felipe Vieira Damiana) •universal
Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer (Dmitrij Pavlov) •universal
Ravenscroft 275 Piano (UVItouch) •universal
Reshrike Synthesizer (iceWorks, Inc.) •universal
ReSlice (VirSyn) •universal
Ripplemaker (Bram Bos) •universal
Ruismaker (Bram Bos) •universal
Ruismaker FM (Bram Bos) •universal
Sensual Sax (Embertone) •universal
Speak Unit (Audiodog) •universal
SwarPlug (Swar Systems) •iPad only
Syndt - Polyphonic Synthesizer (Klevgränd produkter AB) •iPad only
Tines - Electric Piano (Klevgränd produkter AB) •universal
Tone Generator (Audiodog) •universal
Troublemaker (Bram Bos) •universal
Turbosounds for Accordian (Reinhard Rieder) •universal
Viking Synth (Blamsoft, Inc.) •universal
WaveGenerator (Wolfgang Palm PPG) •iPad only
WaveMapper (Wolfgang Palm PPG) •iPad only
KASPAR (Yonac Inc.) •iPad only

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thanks for the list!
I’ll add a few missing ones:
Primer. Good simple free synth wiht lots of documentation online to get started with virtual analog type of synths.
IFretless Bass touchscreen app, but also loads as midi sound engine.
IFretless Guitar touchscreen app, but also loads as midi sound engine.

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