MG2 and MB both forget patch settings in Ableton [BUG]

it would be really useful to be able to manipulate and save settings in ableton live.

my new guitar will have 4 outputs (E, A, D, BGE) and i plan to create multiple routing combinations (all strings, E only, E & A only, etc.)

external midi control of gate/velocity of each instance of mg2/mb and settings retention will be key to making this work.

i assume this won’t be addressed in mg3. but for mg3.1 i’m hoping this will be a top issue to be fixed.

It is… quite annoying. Basically I have to tweak MB/MG once again each time I open the project, several times a day.

My current project contains two MG2 instances and one MB, and as soon as I do not have faith for the parameters state due to the initialization bug - each time I have to go to three tracks, open each mg/mb device and reload saved presets by hand, to ensure that I reproduce the same state where I left it before.
Quite a lot of unnecessary clicks for maintaining parameters coherence .

Does it affect just having some fun with MG and fooling around? No.
Does it affect everyday working on projects? Yes, and worst of all - it even it is not visible enough. You get not what you see, and it is not clear to the end user, unpredictable.
Also it questions feasibility of using MG in a live environment, where you do not have quite a lot of room for workarounding broken stuff in real time.

MG3 estimated arrival should be quite short for this to be a solid reason to decline a bugfix, but ETA is not known at this point, so it is hard to manage expectations here.

Anyway, may I at least hope that this initialization bug and automation bug are not going to be implicitly inherited by MG3 due to the presumably shared codebase?