MG2 and MB both forget patch settings in Ableton [BUG]

Hi guys. I have a problem.
I save an Ableton project with MG2 and MB VST plugins.
Each plugins is set to use custom patch.

After saving the project and loading it back - patch name becomes default for both plugins.
Most of the settings remain the same though, at least visually. That could be a minor problem, however, Noise gate parameter while being visually the same - seems to be actually reset to some default value de facto. Therefore its not just a cosmetic issue, it directly messes up basic functionality.

For example, I save the perfectly fine project, my Bass plugin tracking works fine with a noise gate setting tuned specifically for my case. After loading project I’ve just saved - Bass plugin starts to make a lot of false triggering. I move Noise Gate slightly - not like really changing something seriously, just enough to reapply the value - and since that moment noise gate starts to function correctly and false triggers are gone.

Seems like internally noise gate value is not restored correctly on the project load, and goes to default state.

I cannot yet reliably determine if MG2 has the same noise gate issue, as it’s tracking is much more forgiving in general and it is harder to reproduce that obviously, but as soon as patch name loss is the same, I can assume that MG2 tracking might be affected the same way, silently loosing noise gate settings on project load.

That’s really a frustrating issue, as I have to tweak projects by hand each time I load them. Doing that several times a day, not an experience I had expected for the price tag.

Any ideas?

Please consider that as a bug report

I’ve recorded video that demonstrates the issue.
I run the same prerecorded audio clip through MB plugin to exclude any human error introduced by the live playing.
You can see the following in the video:

Project is fine, patch is saved, tracking works.

I reopen the project - patch name is lost, MIDI tracking becomes mangled until I tweak a noise gate again by the smallest margin, or reload patch manually.

Also you can notice another bug, that I cannot save patch under the name I had already used in previous sessions.

Silence is a bit disappointing.

on the lesser part of the problem (the test4/test5 issue) it looks like you saved the ableton set first, then saved ‘test4’ in midi bass.

this might explain why you were not able to use ‘test4’ again. it does also explain why ‘test4’ doesn’t load when you re-load the liveset.

however, later on, you save the mb patch as ‘test5’, THEN you save the liveset. ‘test5’ should automatically load in this case.

which versions: ableton/os?

the video really helps to demonstrate the problem. i wish i had an answer for you.

maybe your ‘binary data block’ got corrupted?

VST/AU plug-ins reset to default preset

  1. The plug-in is out of date
    This may occur after an operating system update, where the version of the plug-in is not fully compatible with the new OS.
    The state of a plug-in is stored in a reserved binary data block in a Live set. This binary data block can only be read or written to by the plug-in itself.
    Usually re-installing the plug-in will resolve the issue.
    Make sure to download the most recent version from the manufacturer’s website - copies installed from DVD or USB may be out of date.
    We recommend installing plug-ins to their default system locations using our guidelines on Windows and Mac.

here’s another option (you’ll lose all of your settings though):

My main setup is:
Ableton Live Intro 11.3.13
Windows 10 Pro 22h2

After some tests, I see that it behaves the same way on my another Windows laptop, with
Ableton Live Intro 11.3.13
Windows 11 Home 22h2.

Live Set (project) had been created from the scratch on that second laptop, therefore it is not something specific to that Set state or laptop.

I’ve tried removing items from that Acustica Audio article with no luck.
I’ve shared the wav sample I am using for this test here, to ensure that issues can be reproduced:

Used first two notes from the sample for the test.

I have to use quite high noise gate value to get rid of the false triggers for this sample.

P.S, I would like to notice, that I use Midi Bass for these tests.

While Midi Guitar is resetting patch name to “Default” as well, I cannot tell for sure if it there is a same problem of noise gate really behaving differently on project load - at least because MG tracking tolerance to the noise gate setting is much higher, allowing it to work in different noise gate positions, so the same problem can be just be unnoticed, even if MG loses the setting value (which is probable due to the assumed shared code base)

which directory is your mg/mb dll stored in?

it seems possible that your primary issue is with ableton, even though you have two systems with the same issue.

i don’t have a system free to install live lite 11, otherwise i’d try to replicate this behavior.

i think reinstalling to one of ableton’s specified vst folders is worth a try.

VST2 devices do not have a default dedicated installation path. Instead, most manufacturers allow a path to be selected during installation. Unless there’s a specific reason otherwise, VST2 devices should be installed to one of these locations:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2
C:\Program Files\VST Plugins
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Plugins

If possible, use the same folder for all VST2 plug-ins. Note the location selected during installation, as you’ll need to specify this when activating plug-ins in Live.

Actually, I am using
on one laptop, all my other plugins live there quite happily.

And using quite default location
C:\Program Files\VstPlugins
on another.

Does not make a difference…
Did not notice any issues with other plugins so far.

here is a thread re: vst issues with 11.1:

seemingly they changed something between 11 and 11.1 and it affected the operation of some vsts.

one user said that the bug has been reported and is being worked on, but the thread has gone more than a year without any further activity.

I guess we can take Ableton out of the equation.
I had replicated the same in Reaper (again on the both laptops)

Different machines, different OS variants, different audio cards, different DAWs, different VST folders.
For now the only common denominator I see is Midi Bass.

i have two ableton 9 systems, both win10, and both have the exact same problem.

this includes the displayed value for the gate being different from the current value.

and, as well, the last patch selected is not retained when the live set is reloaded.

i don’t use mg/mb patches in ableton so i never noticed this behavior before.

if i had to guess i’d bet on some kind of issue with roaming profiles, but who knows. it definitely does not work the way anyone would expect it to.

Interesting part is:

  1. If I create a patch within daw project, save-as it, let’s say as PATCH1
  2. Save the project
  3. Load the project, getting that loaded “DEFAULT” patch
  4. Save “DEFAULT” patch as PATCH2

“.opatch” Files for PATCH1 and PATCH2 are really identical.

Therefore it means DAW passes values correctly to the MB VST plugin, except for the patch name.
MB really receives all that data from the DAW.
However, noise-gate does not function correctly until we move the knob.

To conclude - looks that DAW passes all the parameters correctly, but plugin does not initialize something internally (most probably noise-gate value) on startup anyway.


I do not know any other MG team members to tag, but seems like dev’s input is vital here.

Please let me know if I can gather any additional information that would lead to the bugfix.

Hey there!
I am away from my studio for a couple of days, so I can’t really help you right now. I checked with my setup Mac, Abelton and AU and I didn’t have any of those issues. But obviously we are talking about the vst version. Working with Abelton I have experienced a number of issues with the vst version, so I simply opted to use what worked.
I am not really shure how severe this bug is, but I believe @JamO will focus on getting MG3 out first, before adressing this. I will take a look at this when I get back myself, but the most you can expect from me is just a confirmation that there is an issue with the vst and Abelton.

I would like to highlight that the same happens in Reaper as well. I just could not rename the topic.

A few things should be noted here:

  1. the patches that are saved in MG patches on disk are separate from the info that is loaded when a plugin is initialised in a host.
    You must imagine that the current patch data is stored in the host, and that may vary from the data in the .opatch file. (you could have twisted a knob after the last time you saved a patch within MG)
    To retrieve the plugin state, the host issues a call into the plugin, asking for the data.
    MG2 does not add the patchname to the data, so that is why that is not updated, when the host restores the plugin state, and still displays the confusing “default”. The rest of the data is restored however.
  2. Noisegate
    The noisegate is host automation enabled, but automation is broken in MG2.
    This means that if you once set the MG noisegate from ableton instead of inside MG, this automation will be stored in the Ableton, and resend to the plugin after initialisation. So better never use the remotes, only change data within MG gui itself!
    Now whether in your case the automation bug applies, I dont know, but I thought I’d better tell you more of the whole story. If you did alter the noisegate from the Ableton gui remotely, please try a fresh channel with a fresh MG to test, and do everything in the MG interface.
    If you did not touch the autmoation remote noise gate knob in Ableton, then the bug is somewhere else.
  3. A noisegate script is better.
    The custom gate midimachine works better than the default, just dont touch the noisegate in the interface, and try the custom gate script.
    Custom_Gate: A hard midi startgate and retrigger blocker - #6 by Paul
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For all I know I used only MB plugin interface to tune the noise gate, as you can see in my video.
Do you refer to these sliders are remotes?

Did not touch them. As well as on a second laptop where issue reproduced from the scratch without anything taken from the first one, and also without touching these sliders.

As for Reaper I do not even have a slightest guess where these remotes can be, and reproduced the issue from the scratch as well starting with an empty project using MB interface only as shown in a second video. I doubt I could enable something automation related automatically there.

Anyway, that’s an interesting insight, thanks.

To retrieve the plugin state, the host issues a call into the plugin, asking for the data.
MG2 does not add the patchname to the data, so that is why that is not updated, when the host restores the plugin state, and still displays the confusing “default”. The rest of the data is restored however.

Suspected it to work that way, nice to get a confirmation.

Custom_Gate: A hard midi startgate and retrigger blocker - #6 by Paul

Wow. Looks very promising. Somewhat reminds me of classic debouncing problem on embedded devices.

Is that noise gate really a noise gate in it’s regular meaning or something exclusive for mg2 which only shares the name?
Maybe I could just throw in some noise gate plugin instead? (no big expectations here, but had to ask)

1)-the internal noise gate in MG itself is not a normal noisegate, it alters the probability edge of the tone recognition.
2)-the custom gate script is a script that can rule out lower veloctiy notes.

Putting a noise gate in front of MG will have no positive effect, since the internal gate (recognition) will have less signal to work with (the edge where the gate opens will introduce new artefacts), and still will produce false early notes, most low velocity.

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Yep. Looks you are right. It is fundamentally broken. I mean, it works until I save the project, but after that - saved project cannot be loaded and crashes Ableton Live completely with 100% rate.
(Please notice that my original problem does not include any of the stuff below, I just used plugin gui and nothing else)

I was now exploring options to restore noise gate value externally, from clyphx, midi cc, whatever I can try to map and reset that value from outside the plugin, and bumped into that painfully, to the point when project is broken beyond repair and crashes Ableton Live.

Reproduces easily:

  • Put MG/MB into Effects Rack
  • map macros to any MB/MG control
  • rotate macros knob to change value to any other value
  • save project
  • try to reload project and get Ableton crash
  • never see that project to be loaded again

P.S. I tested several other random plugins and MG/MB are the only to case that.