MG2 as an Effect pedal in Tonestack

Hi! Nice to be here! Sorry about my ignorance! I am new in the midi area. My idea is to use My guitar with MG Loopy, Tonestack, some other synths and the notation circuit.

I was trying to use MG as an effects pedal in Tonestack. This works perfectly, but I can’t Safe different patches in Tonestack with different sounds from MG. I want to use the presets in tonestack with MG sounds for quick use! Is this possible? I bought the full version of MG but nothing works! Can someone help me? Give me some paid classes to set up my set?

I’m a little lost in this digital stuff. Thanks!
Greets Pedro

MIDI Guitar for iOS comes only with IAA plugin function but IAA does not store parameters. So you can not make a Tonestack patch with MG in it , that saves the MG settings, that is correct.
AUv3 plugins can store their settings, but sofar we could not offer an AUv3 version of our app, because it didnt fit the memoryrequirements (AUv3 plugins have memory contraints)
You can run Tonestack and MG parallel. The setup depends on how you use it: do you use a floorboard midi controller?