MG2 - Can't lower sample rate below 512

I’m using Logic X, MG2 as a plugin. No matter how low I set the DAW’s sample rate (256, 128, 64 and even 32) MG2 stays at 512. In Logic there’s an option to change the “Process Buffer Range” so this is now set to SMALL. If set to MEDIUM I can’t get anything under 1048 sample rate in MG2. If I set this option to LARGE, then all sample rates in MG2 are 2048.

I always get the warning triangle too.

See screenshot.

Please Help. Thanks!

I’m testing catalina beta here (about catalina: carefull! read other posts here), and it brought Logic 10.4.5 along.
The situation is like you describe: the processing buffer is not tweakable anymore and wont go beneath 512.
The moment you start playback of a track with MG loaded on it, it switches the buffersize (seen inside MG)) back to the audiointerface buffersetting!
So it really seems just a confusing setting.