MG2 does not recognize IOS using OMEC Teleport

Hi everyone, I´m having problems in recognizing the OMEC Teleport, On my iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. I’m using the trial version (before getting a license), I did follow the clear instructions from the web site. The most strange thing is, the option it’s there, but if you select it, there is no input, I did reinstall a couple of time MG2, guessing, if the something corrupted during downloading, with no success. during my process for looking for the solution, I did a trial with Mobile POD by Line 6 on my iPhone and works perfectly. I will appreciate someone who has anything li this and how to get or solved this issue.

the input is default not selected, you have to click on the input channel field, that will get you a selector of the available input channels. In Teleport’s case that is just 1 option.

Paul, thanks for your information, I´will try that option

Hallo , hier weer een nieuw iemand met hetzelfde probleem maar dan op een windows 7 .

ik kan het invoer kanaal ( device) denk ik? helemaal niet aanpassen of iets aanklikken.ik krijg gewoon geen signaal binnen.
iemand een idee?
alvast bedankt.