MG2 doesn't open iSymphonic anymore on iPhone and iPad iOS13.4.1

Hi, I have a big problem with MG2 for about 3 weeks on my iPhone and iPad. When I try to open the patch of iSymphonic Orchestra, MG2 immediately disappears to “the background” and stops. If I then press the home button twice, I can see MG2 between the opened apps. When clicking on MG2 again, it will open again with the former patch. So not with the iSymphonic patch!

MG2 works well with other patches, such as Mellowsound, iFretless Sax…
Technical information:
iPhone SE (MLM62DN / A) - 64 GB - sw: 13.4.1 (17E262).
iPad Pro 10.5 inches (MPDY2FD / A) - 256 GB - sw: 13.4.1 (17E262)

iSymphonic Orchestra
version: 2.1.7 (April 30, 2020) Developer: Crudebyte
window aspect: 2: 1 (default) / window size: small / embed

My question is: how do I get the patch from iSymphonic Orchestra loaded into MG2?


It seems that there is some undocumented change in the AUv3 API in iOS, introduced in iOS/IPadOS 13.4.1
We’re looking into it: sofar one other AUv3 reportedly also crashes in our app, Syntronik.

Ok, thanks for looking into this problem already. I’m looking forward for the results.

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Hi, I am very curious if there is any progress on this problem.
I am really looking forward using the app again (with iSymphonic) …
Just because I like it too much.

we’re looking at it right now.
The fix will be applied in the beta version once found, and that version will no longer support IAA, becuase that is now officially deprecated by Apple.

Super! Do I understand correctly that if you load the patches with [AU], you don’t need IAA?

IAA is only used when you invoke MG from 3rd party apps.
Starting with the beta this functionality will be gone.
AUv3 plugins within MG are unaffected by this.

Ah, I see. Thank you!

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Does that mean that MG2 will no longer be loadable in AUM? Or will the new version be an AU3 plug-in? I know you can load AUs with MG2 as a host but I never use it that way as I like more control over my signal flow. That would be a real bummer for me ;(

it is a bit complicated.
We bought some time for our IAA users, by having our latest updates/bugfixes only in beta. Our official current release still has IAA.
In a few months IAA will have vanished from all active developed apps on iOS.
We are preparing a AUv3 plugin, as soon as that is ready, the limbo situation is gone: users then can use MG as an AUv3 instead of IAA.
Our first AUv3 version will however be more simple and only deliver midi to the host.

That sounds like a good way forward, hopefully with Deep FX spun out into a separate new AU3 app (with all the new ideas you’ve been working on)? I think there would be a bigger market with that approach for those guitarists who are less interested in the MIDI side.

yes, that might be a way to get a little bit traction outside our niche. It is also one of the reasons we developed deep fx in the first place, the main one is ofcourse that we like it :wink:

iSymphonic has now released an update. Now I can load the patches of iSymponic again in the patches of MG2:

  • 2.1.8
    20 jun. 2020
    This update fixes one issue with the Audio Unit plugin:
    • Audio Unit: Workaround to prevent an immediate crash when loading the Audio Unit plugin in some DAW apps (bug on iOS level introduced by iOS 13.4.1).
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ow, that is really good news!