MG2 from Any Acoustic Source with iPad Internal Mic!

Paul, this is something I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere before, but I think you should put it high on your promotion list! I just stumbled across it by accident, and was amazed… In a quiet room, it turns out there is no need for any connection to the iPad/iPhone via an audio interface - you just play into the internal mic whist using headphones! It works great with harmonica, but would apply to virtually any other acoustic instrument, as well as all vocalists who can sing in tune. Combine that with the fact this astonishingly simple ability is possible on hugely popular platforms like the iPhone and iPad, on a free-to-evaluate app, and the mind boggles. I’m sure letting people know about it would increase your customer base massively. I’ve started to do that in my small way:


Maybe not quite the same thing, but I recently plugged in a nylon string acoustic guitar which has a under saddle piezo type pickup, just to see if it would work with MG2. I have been amazed by the results, with superb accurate tracking and lack of the strange “ghost/ double triggers” I have experienced with my solid bodied electric guitars. I am convinced that the damping nature of the nylon strings creating the source audio helps the tracking by avoiding detection of unwanted harmonics. I can see a similarity to recording any acoustic type sound in a “dead” environment, with no reflections etc. Reverb, Delay, Chorus can always be added to the Midi signal at a later stage. I am very impressed with this idea. !!


I have a nylon piezo and I’m gonna try this, the ghost triggers are such an issue. Cool for the heads-up, I’ll report my findings.

I shall look forward to hearing your findings with this. I hope it is successful.