MG2 in Aum, With iConnectivity Audio4+

When using MG2, hosted in AUM as an IAA source, the output selector only offered single channels of the attached iConnectivity Audio4+. This created a number of problems. 1) Aum was unable to control the levels of the output. 2) The audio from the synth (VirSyn TerraSynth) was in mono, and on a single channel (panned hard left in the mix). I wanted the output of the synth to be routed to the AUM channel, not to the interface. This was for a live performance, and not for a recording. Is there a way to route the synth audio to the Aum channel out?


FWIW, I wouldn’t recommend using MG2 hosted in AUM. Run MG2 in standalone, host the synth you want in AUM and send Virtual MIDI into AUM. Works for me.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.