MG2 in Loopy Pro - iOS

I customized a few patches in MG2, saving them with numeric presets as the doc describes ( 001, 002, etc) so I can use midi program change messages to change the patches. It works beautifully - standalone.

However, when I load MG2 into Loopy Pro, the saved patches are not there. Also, the save button is not there so I can’t recreate the numbered patches in that instance of M2G. Any idea why my saved patches are not brought along ?

Another issue is that I could only get M2G to work inside loopy pro as an insert in a bus. When loading on any other channel type, no audio gets routed to MG2. I’ve tried loading the Inter-App Audio version with the same result. I would welcome and guidance on how to get it to work as other audio units do.
Thanks all