MG2 in Loopy Pro - iOS

I customized a few patches in MG2, saving them with numeric presets as the doc describes ( 001, 002, etc) so I can use midi program change messages to change the patches. It works beautifully - standalone.

However, when I load MG2 into Loopy Pro, the saved patches are not there. Also, the save button is not there so I can’t recreate the numbered patches in that instance of M2G. Any idea why my saved patches are not brought along ?

Another issue is that I could only get M2G to work inside loopy pro as an insert in a bus. When loading on any other channel type, no audio gets routed to MG2. I’ve tried loading the Inter-App Audio version with the same result. I would welcome and guidance on how to get it to work as other audio units do.
Thanks all

Hi, did you get any response to this. I have the same issue that MIDI Guitar works fine on iPad Pro standalone but as a plugin to Loopy Pro it does not seem to have audio routed to it. The Audio Source box shows In/Out but when you click it the screen is blank no details.



Simon, Haven’t heard anything about this yet. BTW what do you use for pedal board to control the gazillion things you can tweak?

Airstep 6 button BT-200 - that I bought to use with Quantiloop Pro (a very traditional looper type app). But recently realised that my Line 6 HX Guitar Effects unit with a WIDI Bluetooth dongle plugged in gives me more foot-switches and pedals than my tiny brain and big feet can handle :grinning:.

There has been no update of midi2 so I guess we just wait, it is very repeatable on various iPads. - if you run the standalone then add in the audio unit to Loopy Pro it seems to pass audio sometimes, for a bit depending on how it seems to be feeling.

Hope we get it sorted.

I am very new here so I don’t know what gives.

Was there a solution to connecting input to MG2 in Loopy Pro?

Thanks with a bit of thought I got it. Add the input port of the audio interface to Loopy then add MG2 as an output effect. Add the Synth and point the MG2 output to the Synth.

Worked fine but still got guitar coming through then I thought of course I need to turn off the monitor of the incoming guitar.

Seems ok now. I can also send the MG2 output to Helium should I want to record and clean up the MIDI. Seems fine now.

Thanks all.

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Hi Teunis,
Thanks very much for sharing the solution.
I’m new to Loopy Pro & MG2 and struggling to follow your instructions. Would you please add a photo of your mixer?

Here is a screenshot of the Loopy Pro session,

What I didn’t add was the audio interface is what the mic input shows. So input talks to MIDIGuitar. MIDIGuitar talks to both King of Digital and Helium. I did this so I could clean up the MIDI as I find it a bit chatty but that is my aged arthritis.


Added the input showing how it is set.