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MG2 interruptions and wants to Purchase Again

Not Sure if this happened to anyone else… But I haven’t played in a few months… But I recently got a new guitar interface and wanted to hook everything up. Once I did, everything was working great until I got a Message on my Midi Guitar 2 app, saying that I needed to buy the App to remove any interruptions…
I went to the apple Store, where I purchased it, years ago… and it said to just OPEN it, because I had already purchased it… so I did… And a few minutes later… The Message Popped up again!
With a Purchase Link… I clicked the link and it went to The Jam Origin Store link to purchase it for $149.95.
So, what’s the deal? Did something happen? I used this for a few years… and now it wants me to repurchase it?
But the Apple Store shows that I had already purchased it… and wont let me RePurchase it… It feels kinda shady.

Has this happened to anyone?

Oh, I think you confused the MG for Garageband version in the Mac store, with the plugin on our website.

Basically the MG4GB version is much less expensive and will restore itself if you go to “shop” inside the app (and are logged in with the Apple ID that actually purchased the IAP). The 150USD plugin version needs a license code which you get with the order.

I can issue a refund for the plugin version, but I couldn’t find your email in our customer database, but I couldn’t locate the order with your email. Please reach out to me via support@jamorigin.com