MG2 is not scanning the 3rd party plugins

It used to work and it actually scanned all my plugins some time ago, but now I am not able to make it scan them again. I can scan the plugins one at the time, but it does not do the automatic scan of all of them. I erased everything , re-installed MG2and the same issue. This is on a MacBook running High Sierra . Any ideas of anything that I should try ?Thank you

Hello Bonanote, unfortunately I am on Windows, so I do not know if MG works in the same way on Mac:
In MG/Preferences I can open the MIdi Guitar Data Folder and in this folder I erase all folders and files (after saving first this main folder).
Then I uninstall and reinstall MG, go to the plugin manager, add plugins folders list and save, finishing by scan(safe).

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Thank you. I will try once again erasing everything. But I am pretty sure that I found all of the MG files and trashed them all. What is very deceiving is that I have no problem in scanning one plugin at the time but is simply will not even start the scanning process when I want to do the whole folder ( I wonder if it has to do with the permissions. …)