MG2 midi input keeps failing in Logic Pro

Got MG2 as plug-in for Logic Pro x (running on iMAC OS 10.14 with Roland Rubix24.)

Trying to set up via MG Audio Unit as recommended (, it works for about one-two minutes but then Logic Pro stops picking up any midi input from the guitar. If I start again then the same thing happens again (works for a minute then stops recognising the input). Have seen some similar reports from Logic Pro users but no solution that makes sense to non-expert. Frustrating! Can anyone help?

Many thanks


did you apply the license in the standalone?
interuptions are common to demo mode.

Thank-you very much. I did not ‘apply license’ so sounds like you have identified the cause. Am confused by the license / demo arrangement. I take it I should ‘apply license’ and that this will not incur cost? (I will certainly buy MG2 if it works so am happy to pay so long as it works!)

Thanks again,


The license application only applies for a purchased license ofcourse.

Unfortunately, this means is that I have to trust that the licensed version will work when the trial version does not.

I see no sign of a warranty. Anyone listening at jam origin?

Thanks again Paul for your help.


we have tons of users using Logic without problems and we have a 14 day moneyback guarantee.