MG2 not showing in Ableton Live 11

I have the paid version of MG2 and it works great with Amplitube 5 and Guitar Rig 6 but when I try to use it in Ableton Live 11 it is not showing in the list of available plugins. I have rescanned the plugins with Ableton a couple times but still cannot find it. I have it installed on a new Macbook Air.

Hi John! If you look in your Components or VST folder (HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/…) can you find any of the MIDI Guitar2.component or MIDI Guitar 2.vst there?

No, I see all the other software but nothing MG2 or Jam Origin in any of the Library folders.

Do you have any other folders you would choose instead of a standard installation? If you are unsure I would opt to reinstall MIDI Guitar and keep track of where the plugins are going! After that rescan Abelton plugins! (When you use Amplitude or guitar rig, do you use these as standalone software apps, and open MIDI Guitar 2 in standalone mode as well?)

Now that you mentioned that it looks like I forgot to copy the plugins, I copied them and they are now there.
Thank you for the help, love the software as I can finally get away from the 13 pin Roland pickup.
Have a great day.

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