MG2 on Ipad Pro 12.9 Gen 6, IOS 16.4.1, not able to change i/o

No audio jack, they used a USBc instead of lightning port. Bought a USBc to 3.5mm audio adapter. Software detects it for audio out, but input appears to be stuck on the builtin mic, which isn’t going to work. I need the audio to come in on the 3.5mm too… Verified he adapter has input and output pins using headphones with mic. So it appears it is not detecting the mic side from the Tonewood adapter cable for some reason.

When I pull up the i/o options, everything appears to have only the default options that they are on. Unable to change them.

I am using this with a Tonewood Amp, which sends the audio through the 3.5mm interface, and receives the processed audio back through the 3.5mm interface. The Tonewood then outputs the audio into into the guitar and out the 1/4inch to another amp. There is no bluetooth interface on it.

Unable to change the input channel on the app from IPAD MICROPHONE. Tried to uninstall, reboot, and re-install… No change to interfaces.

Hi Eric!

Reading in this forum I can see that people have had all kinds of issues with Tonewood Amps as an audio interface. I haven’t seen any clear cut reasons for this though. But, lets start with the hardware side:
Do the Tonewood Amp come with a dedicated TRRS cable? (three rings)

I have the dedicated Tonewood cable for use with iPad. I was using it on a iPad Pro 9.7 Gen3 (recently damaged by a spill). . This worked perfect on the previous iPad.

I sent Tonewood an email on it this morning as well. This may be an issue with Tonewood’s cable rather than the way Midi Guitar 2 is detecting it… Midi Guitar 2 is probably only responding to what is presented by the IOS.

Yeah, if you have already checked the adapter’s function, AND it used to work on your older iPad, I would at least try to get hold of a new TRRS cable next.

I just tried with an iRig, switching between my lightning connection and the 3,5 input on my (gen3) iPad. And it shows up the same way: I/O device iOS AUDIO, Input channel:headset microphone (as soon as I connect the IRig to the adapter or the 3,5 input).

Happened to have a spare cable here, never used… Same issue…

Trying to find my lightning adapter, so I can test against my iPhone which has the same IOS - to see if it is a platform issue or an IOS issue.

I may need to look at a USBc interface and feed the guitar direct in then output back into the Tonewood Amp with 1/4 cables.

no feedback from Tonewood Amp yet…

Tonewood has responded to me and has indicated that other users on the newer apple devices have reported a similar issue. They believe it to be a firmware issue. They recommended this adapter to resolve the issue. I ordered today, and should have sometime on Thursday this week. Will test immediately on arrival and update this thread.

Let’s hope it works! :crossed_fingers: I’ve had my own fair share of issues with adapters not working properly, but that has usually been a matter of the manufacturer being not completely on the up and up about the product functionality. They seem to suggest that it would work, when they really don’t. So it would be great to get a report on something that actually does work. :+1:

Took a little bit of fiddling with it, but it is now working with the new adapter…MG2 still shows the same as before, but the sound is now being sent back to through the interface to the Tonewood Amp. Successfully added Cello to “Amarillo by Morning”. Plus something I couldn’t do before… Guitar tabs is working as the in focus app with MG2 and Sample Tank Full in the background.

So…would you say the adapter work or not? If MIDI Guitar is still reporting to use audio from the IPad microphone there is still some sort of issue. Not necessarily an MIDI Guitar 2 issue though.

I would say… Not working… If I uninstall MG2 and re-install, it detects Microphone 1 and Microphone 2… However, after a hard reboot of the ipad, it is only detecting iPad Microphone and the sound is not coming through again… Not sure if the IK multimedia adapters with the 1/4 plugs will work or not… Need the audio in and out for this to work… Guitar to adapter to iPad back to audio adapter to Tonewood… If this path would work, I am not against it as it adds some recording options for me, but it complicates things and increases costs.

I’m still fiddling with this setup… Trying to figure out exactly what I did yesterday that got it working…

Have you tried the Tonewood interface with any other software on this new iPad? Aum or Cubase or something?

Yes, it is simply not connecting reliably. I thought it did initially, but then I realized the guitar was not plugged into the Tonewood and the mic from the iPad was picking up the sound, MG2 was taking that input and generating the midi back to the Tonewood, but nothing I have tried so far is allowing the sound from the tonewood 3.5mm to feed into the iPad directly… I guess I will have to try a higher end USBc interface of some kind… I am looking at the iRig Pro Duo I/O, thoughts? It appears to have the ¼ in and out that would be needed as a solution – if I can be assured it would route the sounds properly.

My thoughts were, guitar to iRig, iRig to iPad USBc, iPad USBc to iRig, iRig to Tonewood Amp… That way MG2 can be fed from iRig input, and iRig can send the sound back to the Tonewood…


I haven tried the iRig Pro Duo yet. I use my (older) iRigs either in combination with the original apple 3,5 to lightning adapter, or straight into the 3,5 headphones/mic input, for as long as it will work. :grimacing:

So your idea is to send the headphones out from the iRig to the Tonewood Amp? That should work, I think. You have the added bonus of playing a drumbeat or backing track or whatever on the side of MG2 (on the iPad as well).