MG2 on m1 macbooks experiences?

hello dear peolpe,

i just ordered a m1 macbook and i was wondering if there was someone out there who has tried MG2 on one of these machines and could tell me how the performance is regarding latency/stability.
so far i’m using the demo version on my windows desktop which works great in terms of accuracy.
now i’m thinking about buying the full version to blend some synth sounds into my guitar for playing live (which will hopefully happen again at some point).
i would imagine the rosetta translation layer adds to latency, which already wasnt quite where i wanted it on my big rig (7ms roundtrip+1,5ms MG2). then again, windows.
i’ll be using a motu m2 interface and mainstage (once it has arrived). from what i’ve heard buffer sizes can be set really low on the m1 machines. i would like to get somewhere in the 4ms range total latency for the program to be usable in a live situation.
do you think that would be possible?

any and all opinions welcome!
thank you & be healthy!

We haven’t had problems on the development kit from Apple and haven’t heard of any M1 specific problems.

I dont think Rosetta adds latency - its an ahead of execution time translation of x86-64 to ARM code, so in theory at least it shouldn’t impact (other than your CPU usage meter) - it seems Apple really nailed it.

We were in complete alert mode the last months because of this transition, but it seems to go smooth. Of course all future updates will be M1 native.

okay thank you, thats good to hear!
i guess i’ll go ahead then and make my purchase :slight_smile:

Does that mean that there won’t be anymore updates for Intel Macs?

No, updates will support both intel and M1, as Apple advice.