MG2 only running as "Application (Intel)" on Apple Mac M1 - VST isn't recognised in Ableton Live

Hi Jam Origin community,

I have tried to find an answer to my problem in the existing posts, but couldn’t. Maybe I haven’t dug well enough, or maybe there isn’t one.

These are my issues

I downloaded MG2 (MACOS 10.15 AND NEWER version) and thought it would be running as a M1-native app. Checking the “Get Info” on the tells me that it is in fact “Application (Intel)” and NOT “Application (Universal)”.

This will probably also be the reason the VST isn’t showing up in my Ableton Live 11 plug-ins, as I am running Ableton Live as an M1-native app.

My question

  1. Is MG2 available as M1-native app?
  2. If not, I suppose I could run Ableton Live as “Application (Intel)” via Rosetta 2 and thus access MG2 as a VST?

System and preferences

  • MacOS 12.6.3 Monterey
  • Ableton Live 11.2.7
  • Using VST2 and VST3 system folders

MG2 is not an M1-native app.

You do not need to run Live 11 in Rosetta 2 mode as the MG2 audio unit works fine.

If you must use the MG2 as a VST plugin, you will need to run Live 11 in Rosetta 2 mode.

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Ahh, I see. Everything makes sense now.

I would love to run it as a VST, as I don’t use any other Audio Units, but this is an alright workaround. I will try it out and report back, if it works.

Of the two solutions, I’d definitely rather use MG2 as an AU that run Ableton Live via Rosetta 2.

The Audio Unit of MG2 and MB does work indeed.

I will report back once I have tested it with audio interface and guitar.

Hi…Although not new to the forum it’s been a while since I’ve been back. Recently I checked to see what the status was of MG2 regarding macOS and the M-1 equipped machine and only then did I find out about MG3. I don’t have any answers for you but I did learn that an App’s status is listed in “get info”. I always have the activity monitor running which also shows the app’s status but now I know where else to find it thanks to you. It appears that Apple’s apps display a status of “universal” in get info but 3rd party apps like Blender or GIMP lists the status as “Apple Silicon” for what it’s worth. I supported Ableton for over 10 years but a couple years ago when looking at the upgrade cost from Live 9 to 10 it seemed to be quite high in comparison to past major upgrades. I looked at Logic X and did jump ship primarily from a cost standpoint. I still grab for Ableton navigation and editing tools but Logic is also a good piece of software with an amazing midi implementation section that allows one to build your own front end not that I have ever attempted to go there. There’s more than enough stuff to learn as is. Once again just an observation. Do you have a machine with the M-1 chip as you didn’t say as far as I could see? If you do I know that your current OS is somewhat behind. Just saying…
Anyway nice chatting and thanks the the info on get info…