MG2 only running in demo mode on my new phone

I bought the iOS version of MG2 a short while ago and it was working fine. I’ve just got a new Iphone and MG2 is stuck in demo mode, I get the purchase/continue screen popping up. When I go to the shop screen it informs me that I have indeed purchased the app. I’ve tried deleting the app and re downloading it but no luck.

there are multiple IAP’s in the shop: if you use eg. the external midi output, you get a nagscreen unless you have the midi outputs option. Same for the au plugins.

I’ve purchased the option for external midi output and I’m getting the nag screen. I can’t use it live now as the screen keeps asking me to purchase the app!

Im not using the midi output or au plugins. Also when i first go to the shop the option to buy MG says “purchase” after a couple of seconds it changes to “purchased”. Nag screen still keeps appearing after this.
Looking in Plugins, there is a plugin from another ap there but its hidden.

Thats not good. I’d been wondering if buying the midi out option would sort my problem … . maybe not

Guys, we’ve heard about this a few times, and there is probably some bug on our side related to this, but in all cases we’ve heard about its somehow fix itself after going to the shop and see the IAPs change to “purchased” and then go back to main screen and close the app (double-press home button and slide application up). After that it should never interrupt again.

We are not able to reproduce the problem here on our devices, and we are not sure under which circumstances it happens, so any kind of information about your type of device and iOS version is greatly appreciated.

Hi, it does now seem to be fixed, phew! I did find that one of the presets I was using had somehow been saved with the midi output selected in the midi fx, not sure how that happened. I also deleted the ap from my old phone.
I’m on an Iphone 7 Plus with iOS12.4
Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done developing this. I’ve been using MG on my desktop mac for couple of years now and its quite amazing! Nearly as good as my old Synthaxe :wink:

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Took me a while but it seems to have sorted itself out now. It’s a bit flakey as it doesn’t always see my Omec Teleport! Watch this space!!