MG2 output channel problem

Although I have assigned channel 2 for MIDI output MG2 sends on channel 1, see uploaded picture,
This is basic functionality so probably I have misunderstood something.


you are mixing up input channels with output channels.
in the midi interface section you select the input midi channel, which channe is used for your floorboard or whatever midi contgroller you use.
Output midid channel can be changed using a midi fx “channel select”

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You beat me to the solution. :+1:

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Hi Paul.
Thanks for trying to help

Maybe you think I am using MG2 instruments, but I am not.
I use MG2 to play MIDI instruments in my DAW (Avid Pro Tools)

Referring to my picture:
Audio interface

  • MG2 audio input is from my mixer (Behringer XR18) audio driver output channel 6 (my guitar)
  • The “OUT 1/2” is irrelevant because I don’t use MG2 output, the audio comes from my DAW.

MIDI interface

  • The MIDI output “Tommy Loop” goes to an intermediate MIDI SW, LoopMIDI, (not needed for MAC IOS) and further to Pro Tools.
  • The Channel is the MIDI output channel.

All this work like charm and I can play all Pro Tools MIDI intruments (on channel 1).
But now to my problem:

When I change MIDI channel to 2, MG2 is still sending on channel 1 as you can see in the MIDI monitor in my picture.
Using an exteral MIDI tracking SW in my PC I also see only channel 1 events

How can I make MG2 to send on channel 2?

I hope my case is more clear now.


Like I wrote before, the chooser in your picture chooses the MIDI input channel, the output channel you can change with the MIDI FX “channel select”

Hi again Paul
Since you persist, I dived deeper into the help section.

In the MIDI INTERFACE, the CHANNEL selection is not explaied.
It shall be, as you say, interpreted as the input channel of the above CONTROL device
That was confusing to me.
A more logical way would be to not show this selection if CONTROL = NO MIDI CONTROLLER.
And label it “Input Channel”
See attched picture

As you state, selecting a MIDI output channel is made by selcting the “CHANNEL SELECT” in the MIDI EFFECT in one of the four the MIDI MACHINES MIDI FX
Se attched picture

For me, a MIDI output channel selection is not a MIDI effekt.
It would be more logical to place it under the MIDI INTERFACE OUTPUT part.

You were right from the beginning, but it was hard to realize for me, sorry.
Thanks for your patience


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