MG2 scanning strange things

MG2 lost a few add on vst’s so I ran the safe scan and it scanned all sorts of odd things and wouldn’t scan the DSK sax for example.
It seems to be scanning all sorts of windows system dll files and I have no idea of how to stop it scanning totally irrelevant files.
I tried adding the DSK sax directory for scanning which is a subdirectory of my main VST directory which is c:\program files\VST and it still won’t scan it.
It used to work fine.
It also won’t scan some other addon vst’s.

I just kept going in and out of MG2 and running safe scan and adding my main vst folder to the scan folder and finally it stopped scanning irrelevant things and found all the add on vst’s I had before.
Strange that I had to exit MG2 and reload it and re-run the safe scan to find them basically one at a time.
I guess the trick is to run MG, do a scan and then exit and run MG and scan again if not all were found.
I have no idea why they got lost.
Maybe a windows update did some strange things to the normal MG user folder and it was scanning those dll’s to start with.
It finally stopped doing that after I scanned about 20 times.