MG2 settings for Kontakt 7 instruments

When I load a kontakt 7 instrument like Middle East Oud, how do I setup MG2 as well as setup kontakt 7 so that I can get slide from note to note work like portamento. It’s very frustrating when all the notes in between rings in an instrument like Oud which has a slide. Thanks

Can you first explain what you’re trying to do? Would you use this for live or for recording or both and if both just know the way to do this will be independent for each.

For recording in Logic in my home not live at all. But would like to play it instead of programming post, like I used to with my keyboard controller. Hope that answers the question

@Shyamus I am not sure I undersant your question.
For you slide means portamento, not bend ?
Portamento is an electronical function that does not exist in oud.
But you can bend notes like with a real oud by activating Bends in the Articulation window.

@Shyamus If you are interested in using bends to achieve the fretless slide effect we get in the Oud, I would suggest you set MG2 Pitch Bend Range to 2, and then for the MIddle Eastern Oud in Kontakt, go to the Options/Controller tab, set the Pitch bend to 2,0. And Aftertouch (on the right hand side) you can set to Pitch 0,25, for that slightly pitchy effect when you pick a note. If you do, don’t forget to enable Aftertouch in MG2 as well. Now there is of course no actual sliding to be done, since that would mean passing frets, whitch in turn generate new notes for MG2 to translate.
As an unfortunate result of the Kontakt container legacy many instrument’s notes aren’t possible to bend more than 2 semitones (PB=2) anyway, so we are pretty hampered, when it comes to emulating slides on fretless instruments unfortunately. Best of luck! :+1:

Thanks. I did that, it helps.

LoFileiF, you are the Ultimate Guru on this. Got into MG2 because of you. Thanks. Did what you mentioned and am able to get the bends. Guess it’s the issue with Kontakt instruments, they don’t have adjustments capabilities. I need to look for any other physical modeling instruments which emulate middle eastern and other Asian instruments that would allow controls like Audio Modeling stuff. Need to search Reaktor library for any similar instruments

Can you point me in any direction.

Appreciate you responding to me so quickly.



Well, there are quite a few physical modeling string instruments out on the market, and I am pretty sure we can get Oud like sounds out of a few of them. I know Reason’s Friktion has an Oud patch. But I am also waiting for those developers that takes this challenge seriously and attempt to model realistic versions of these traditional instruments as their main objective. I love the flexibility of the existing instruments, but I see myself using the “real instrument” models more. Like the Audio Modeling, Pianoteq instruments. I’ll be sure to update all and everyone on any of the modeled instruments coming out (that I can afford of course), and especially the ones with MPE support.

But to be able to use an Oud, or any fretless virtual instrument successfully, you will nevertheless have to have something like a fretless controller I guess. I am working on unorthodox ways of modulating pitch right now, so an expression pedal could also work to bend beyond what your fingers are capable of (say you want to slide a full octave for instance). I’ll get back to all you guys on this once I get the time to put something intelligible stuff together in a video.

Thank you so much LoFiLeiF. Perhaps someone in Reaktor community may build one. Swar Systems have several Indian instruments and have a couple Modeling ones as well.

If the MG2 guys can make a Midi machine script which emulates slides as fretless (maybe my fantasy) then we may have something to work with.

Will wait to see your creation with Expression pedal. Thanks again

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