MG2 stand-alone not working in Mac OS Catalina (works fine in Ableton Live 11)

I want to use MG2 with ProTools so I’m trying to run MG2 (2.2.1) stand-alone FIRST and then route the MIDI (and/or sound of a vst/au instrument into ProTools). Without launching ProTools, I can’t get the stand-alone MG2 to show any input from my audio interface. Works fine as a plugin inside Ableton Live 11! Any ideas??

Right after I submitted this request for help, one of the threads that came up seemed to be a related issue and one of the suggestions there was to check permissions. Boom! I didn’t realize MG2 needed permission for the Mic input (especially since I’m using the RME audio interface mic/instrument input). Once I enabled that, MG2 worked in stand-alone. YAY!