MG2 Stand alone not working (Ventura 13.5.2 Apple Silicon) - SOLVED

I am observing a very strange behavior. As AU plugin MG2 works great with Ableton Live 11 as a host on both a Mac Studio (M1 base model) and a Mac Mini 2020 (M1). So far so good. When used as a standalone application, the Mac Mini (2020) M1 works fine while the Mac Studio doesn’t. It seems that it does not ‘feel’ the Audio Card, a USB Compliant UMC404HD by Beheringer. The Mac Mini runs the UMC204HD and that’s the only difference. Other applications such as Audacity, Garage Band, Audio MIDI Setup work fine. So… could it be that Ventura adds some permission layer to Audio that I was not aware of? Thanks in advance.

Well… it was the Mic Permissions. :innocent:

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