MG2 stops working in Cubase 9.5

Hi guys., I already started this thread in April but got sidetracked with other projects and now I have time to
play with midi guitar again…
This is very frustrating I am not able to get it working properly and I love it so much…

This is the problem:
The instrument track stops getting the signal all of the sudden. Sometimes it takes 5min sometimes 20, sometimes it works for 3 hours.
Plugin is still getting the input i can see the notes playing.
I tried it on 3 different machines with windows 10 and 7 same thing.
I tried it on a fresh installed Cubase.
The product is licensed!
Only thing that is similar with all 3 machines is that I use Cubase 9.5 and I cant find anywhere that someone has the same problem.
Once it stops the only way to solve it is to start a new fresh project… The project where it stopped working seems like its bugged forever even if I take it to another machine… This makes the whole plugin pretty unusable for me because every project where I use it gets bugged after some time.

Please help! Is there a way to get refund because if I cant solve this is its basically money down the drain :frowning:

Is it only with Cubase? What about standalone?

I haven’t used it in standalone.

Not sure what’s going on in your case.

I’ve scheduled a refund. Please consider rebuying when MG3 is out :wink:

Yeah i definetly will… maybe I should have tried MB3 beta and see if that is working?

No MB3 beta out yet I am afraid, but if you really want to locate the faulty party (MG2, Cubase, your OS or whatever) you should try MG2 in standalone mode outside Cubase, with a plugin loaded, or perhaps add another DAW to the mix? Chances are it is something else than the MG2 software, just judging from the fact that you seem to be alone with your particular problem.