MG2 with Harrison Mixbus 32C v5, OSX

Has there been any experiences pairing Midi Guitar 2 with Harrison Mixbus 32C? It is not listed in the online DAW Setup List and was wondering if Pete Stauber or anyone else has given it a try. I’m using OSX 10.12.6. Thanks in advance.

MIxbus is new ( in this marketing segment at least) : we basically dont know anything about it yet.
I’ll see if I can get a demo running here.

here my first findings:
MIxbus buffers its playback audio in multitudes of seconds!..and the native buffersize seems fixed to 1024. that way MG can never have low latency inside Mixbus: the fastest response is linked to the buffersize.
I can not find a path to use MG inside Mixbus, maybe a Mixbus expert can tell more.
Without a possibility to change the buffersize for live monitoring to 256 samples it is a no go for live midi guitar.

Mixbus buffer size can be configured as within most DAW

ok, thanks for the info!
On macos this dialog was different the last time I looked at it.
Bit curious about your experiences with it.

Well, today I was just trying to figure out how to setup tracks in mixbus in order to use MG plugin. What I found is that:

  • if you only want to hear (with DAW monitor enabled) and record the sound from the plugin you need just an audio track: put the plugin “as an effect” (insert) and that’s it
  • if you want to record midi from the plugin you need to configure two midi tracks: in the first one you put the plugin “as an effect” (insert), choosing an audio source (on the same track or from another audio track via routing) in order to feed the plug in with audio signal, then you have to route the midi out from this track to the midi in of the second track, where you can insert midi instrument to be played by midi notes generated from the plugin

Anyway I’m just an amateur using my spare time trying doing something music related.
But may be this information can spare some time to someone.

Bye from Italy!

I’m using Mixbus32C 6, on Windows 10