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MG2 with Harrison Mixbus 32C v5, OSX



Has there been any experiences pairing Midi Guitar 2 with Harrison Mixbus 32C? It is not listed in the online DAW Setup List and was wondering if Pete Stauber or anyone else has given it a try. I’m using OSX 10.12.6. Thanks in advance.


MIxbus is new ( in this marketing segment at least) : we basically dont know anything about it yet.
I’ll see if I can get a demo running here.


here my first findings:
MIxbus buffers its playback audio in multitudes of seconds!..and the native buffersize seems fixed to 1024. that way MG can never have low latency inside Mixbus: the fastest response is linked to the buffersize.
I can not find a path to use MG inside Mixbus, maybe a Mixbus expert can tell more.
Without a possibility to change the buffersize for live monitoring to 256 samples it is a no go for live midi guitar.