MG2 with Logic Pro X

The Tutorial suggest that MG2 be instantiated in an Audio channel, Buss the Audio channel output, Create a software instrument track and that would record the MIDI.

I opened MG2 as standalone setup the output as virtual. Opened Logic Pro X and created an Instrument track and loaded a SWAM Sax, Also had TEC BBC 2 connected. The Instrument played perfect with no noticeable latency, like any other controller like my Arturia keyboard.

Am I missing something or it has something to do with latest Logic. I didn’t do anything in the Midi setup of the OSX etc. it was just plug and play.

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Hi @Shyamus
MG2 comes as both a plugin and as standalone. If you want to use it as a plugin in your DAW, you open it in an Audio track, but you can just as well use the standalone version as you have described. Two different ways to the same result, in this particular case. The advantage of using a plugin could be that you save it with the project. In that case, you just need to open Logic fgor that session.

Thanks that’s what I thought. In fact as I think about it, perhaps it’s better to record the audio with the plugin as well. The advantage of that is one can make any timing adjustment in the audio with flex time and then rerun the midi. That way any subtle pitch changes, slides and vibratos get captured naturally in the midi. Because sometimes editing the midi messes these automation and articulation curves. Any thoughts?

for a variety of reasons i’ve been recording the raw guitar signal as well as the post-mg2 guitar. usually i run any synths outside of mg2 and record them and the midi on separate tracks.

if the guy i’m working with says ‘i need some uillean pipes’ (which just happened) i can do a quick search and give him something close, so as to capture the take.

but later, when i’m mixing, i’ll probably find a superior patch, and having the original audio allows me to re-run it from scratch and optimize the settings for the input and the selected patch.

also, this allows one to ‘play along’, adding mod wheel movements or filter changes etc.


Thanks Kimyo. Makes sense.
Question: How is the BBC2 routed? Is it set as a controller in MG2 or does it come directly into logic? If it BBC2 is embedded in MG2 then the Midi controller CC like expression or Growl etc won’t be recorded in the Audio but in the Midi post MG2 into the Instrument track. Therefore my earlier statement that about the facility of correcting the Audio with flextime or pitch will not render the expressions and other CC data, in the event of a re run.

Hope I have been able to articulate my question or perhaps its confusing.

Thanks for your indulgence Kimyo and LoFiLeiF. You guys are awesome in supporting novices like me.

Hi @Shyamus
You can in fact use the breath controller either way, directly into Logic or via MG2 (and it doesn’t matter if we talk about the plugin version or Standalone here. Any and every kind of expression data that you record is recorded in the Software Instrument MIDI file. The audio file just contains audio (the clean guitar, that is). When you put MG2 to work on an audio track you do that as an effect on the audio, after the fact. So any conversion of audio into MIDI in the MG2 software can only be recorded by something coming after that - namely the software track. The audio wave comes first - then the conversion to MIDI - then, that MIDI is sent to the software track where it is to be recorded. If you send the BBC2 controller via the MG2 software it will merge with the MIDI created and gets passed along to the software track to be recorded. If you on the other hand let the DAW handle your BBC2 data, it will merge at the software track MIDI input point. There will be no discernable difference in what will appear on either track. Audio and MIDI track content will look identical. Flexing audio will change nothing in the recorded software track, but perhaps render the tracks out of sync.


Thanks this is very clear now. When I was trying to move the midi data the automation was going out of sync, then I realized there is an option in Logic. In the Piano roll on the Function tab there is an option called Select Non-Note MIDI Events. This moves the automation like expression and pitch bend etc. Perhaps it is known to all of you, but thought would just share my findings, which was helpful to me.

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