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MG2 with op-xpro



I’ve been using MG on the iPad, and I think it’s just amazing. I am now looking at the macOS version and I have a question before I buy.

Is it possible to use midi guitar 2 to control OP-Xpro?
My op-x version works fine, but I have to start another program first, that one is called Minihost Modular and then open op-x inside that program.

As you might have guessed I had help setting this up, and am wondering how to make this work with MG? I tried to fool around with the demo version, but it did not look like the iPad version, so I did not get far.

Here is the op-x program I have on my Mac: http://sonicprojects.ch/opxpro/description.html

Thanks for reading.


The OP-X PRO II plugin loads/works fine in MG2. I have used it many times. I imagine the version you mention would work fine too.


Thanks for your response! Do you use the full version or the “garage band” version? Do I need the full version for it to work with opx?


I use the full version. I have never tried the GB version.


MIDI Guitar for Garageband will only see AU (“audio unit”) fx and instruments.
When you have installed opx as an AU, it will work.