MG2 with op-xpro


I’ve been using MG on the iPad, and I think it’s just amazing. I am now looking at the macOS version and I have a question before I buy.

Is it possible to use midi guitar 2 to control OP-Xpro?
My op-x version works fine, but I have to start another program first, that one is called Minihost Modular and then open op-x inside that program.

As you might have guessed I had help setting this up, and am wondering how to make this work with MG? I tried to fool around with the demo version, but it did not look like the iPad version, so I did not get far.

Here is the op-x program I have on my Mac:

Thanks for reading.

The OP-X PRO II plugin loads/works fine in MG2. I have used it many times. I imagine the version you mention would work fine too.

Thanks for your response! Do you use the full version or the “garage band” version? Do I need the full version for it to work with opx?

I use the full version. I have never tried the GB version.

MIDI Guitar for Garageband will only see AU (“audio unit”) fx and instruments.
When you have installed opx as an AU, it will work.

Well, I did get it working with op-x, for about ten seconds at a time.
My 2015 MacBook did not stand a chance :smirk:

Never mind, suddenly it just started working :blush:

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