MG3 and Wivi (Wallander instruments)

Has anybody tried the old Wivi instruments with MG3?
Are they MPE compatible?
And am I the only one experiencing very slow load times on these instruments, in general? (not MG3 related)

I have the WIVI instruments, (and the WIVI band), and I am still amazed how good these sound considering how “old” they are. They are not MPE. You can set up a session on different midi channels, and have the MG3 MPE distribution give you ordered sets of various instrument combinations. But not MPE. I can’t say load time is an issue. These load faster than most instruments in my experience.

Am on PC, so I can not try my WIVI instruments or wivi Band with v3. Still when I saw WIVI being mentioned I got excited. I love those instruments. I recently (again) emailed Arne (wivi creator) about them…there won’t be any development. (still again , I had to ask)

Makes me sad that this is ‘‘abandoned’’ …

Jason Morin

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Indeed, WIVI product line has been discontinued.
If you don’t already have it, the latest version 2.70 can be downloaded here: