MG3 : How to delete objects from the GUI?

Lately I am exploring the GUI in MG3. I find it easy, nice and addictive!
However, I have some difficulties doing the following:

is it possible to delete a chain in one click?
is it possible to delete a control in an Instrument (for example if I have mapped Resonance I cannot get rid of it at a later time and occupies one slot of the four available)

Thanks for help

Is there already a non-destructive editing of the GUI?

E.g. with a macro recorder that allows a return to any previous action?

Is it possible to perform an A/B comparison of before and after a user action in the GUI (deletion or addition)?

This would also help to easily undo unwanted actions.


Try a “long” click (hold down the mouse button for 2-3 seconds) on either the chain link or the instrument you want to unload.

Magic! I’ll try that :wink: Thanks!

It works for the Editor (Instrument) but not for the chain.
Thanks! 50% of issue solved!

Hello Pasha, for the chain link it works as well, but you need to long click on the target end (not on the “CC” selector knobs).